Student, ABAC School of Music

Supachok Anusuwan




Introduce myself

My name is Supachok Anusuwan. My nickname is Pea. I am 20 years old. I am a second-year student at Assumption University. In high school, I graduated at Satriwitthaya 2 school after that I came to study at Assumption University in the School of Music department. I am majoring in Music Entrepreneurship. I chose jazz bass as my main instrument. In the past, I did not like jazz music, but when I studied in this faculty, I started to like it and studied it seriously. In the third year I will choose Music Production for my concentration.

Why did I come to study at Assumption University?

I came to study at Assumption University because Assumption University or ABAC (ABAC) is a private university with international programs. Where students of various nationalities came to study together. And the other reason that I came to study here is a good environment. Away from the chaos and the buildings in the university are very beautiful. Another important reason is that there is a music faculty that teaches you how to open your own music business. It made me decide to study at Assumption University.

Why did I come to study Music Entrepreneurship at Assumption University?

I study Music Entrepreneurship at Assumption University because I have a passion for music and want to do my own business, so I came to study here. This course will be aimed at those interested in becoming an entrepreneur in the music business. When I was in a third year the faculty will let me choose concentration. Concentration has Music Production, Music Business Data Analysis, Music Performance, Songwriting, Musical and Live Event, Digital Marketing, Advertising and Branding, Computer Graphics and Motion Design, Digital Business Law, Business Languages, It allows me to choose what I like. This faculty therefore answers the needs of people with various preferences.

My favorite subject in music

My favorite subject is Audio Fundamentals. It is a subject that I really like because it is a field of interest to me. In the course will teach about sound in physics and teach about the microphone that each type of microphone works, and Microphone pick up type. The teacher of this course is very skilled, so I can ask what I want to know but not in the lesson. Since I took this course, I am sure when I was in a third year, I will choose Music Production for my concentration.

Favorite moment of being a student of the Music Faculty.

My favorite moment is performing music at a university event. When I will be performing music at a university event, I will have to practice music with my friends, which is my favorite time. It was fun for me to practice with my friends and try something new. And another moment that I like, when I join music contest with my friend at Assumption University. In the end, we did not qualify but it was very fun and very exciting.

The impression I have got from ABAC School of Music.

After I got to be a part of ABAC Music Summer camp No. I really like this faculty, both teachers and seniors and the society of people in the faculty. From the first day of camp until the last day, I am very happy to be here. And the fact that I came to the camp this time made me interested in attending this faculty. I consulted the seniors how this faculty was. When I finished grade 12, I went to study at the Faculty of Music at Assumption University and it makes me happy until now.



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