The Faculty of Music facilitates and encourages among its instructors the use of the following: white boards, multimedia, computers, musical instruments, television/video, DVD, compact discs, textbooks, course booklets, supplement materials, handouts, audio-visual laboratories at the Srisakdi Charmonman IT Building. The facilities include 18 practice rooms, 6 ensemble rooms, 6 lecture rooms, 1 concert hall (150 seats capacity) and 1 computer music room and recording room; 20 upright pianos and 6 grand pianos, 20 guitars, 4 drum sets, 3 marimbas, mixed percussions, microphones, amplification and professional recording systems. All arrangements are coordinated successfully with the office of Administrative Affairs, Audio-Visual Services, Au Intranet Center.

School of Music, Assumption University
Cathedral of Learning (CL) 25th floor, Bangna Trad Highway, Km.26 Bangsaotong, Samutprakarn, 10540

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