How to Apply 

Assumption University offers four methods of application to prospective students:

  1. Walk-In application: On arrival at Assumption University (any of the university campuses) students must

    • Produce Thai ID or passport and original copies of all the mentioned above documents required for admission.

    • Fill out the Admission Application form, specify the faculty/major codes, sign their names, write application date and attach one 3x4 cm. photo.

    • Submit the Admission Application form and their documents to the Admission Center and pay 500 Baht as the admission-processing fee.

  2. Email application: To apply via email, the applicant must scan and email the required admission documents mentioned above at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • After assessment, the applicant will be informed via email the status of his application. If the documents emailed are incomplete or are not in order with the regulations as specified by with the Ministry of Education, the applicant will be asked to send supplemental documents.

    • International students applying from abroad whose applications are approved must send a bank draft of US$ 1,000 payable to Assumption University as a deposit fee. The aforementioned amount will be adjusted to the first enrollment fee during registration. Thai and non-Thai students who have completed their high school or equivalent in Thailand are not required to send the bank draft of 1000USD in order to receive Acceptance Letter.
      Please note that the amount deposited

    • is non-refundable, once the Letters of Acceptance are issued and mailed to the applicant, except in case of visa rejection.

    • will be refunded in form of adjusting to the initial enrollment and tuition fees.

Upon the receipt of the draft along with other required documents, the university will issue the applicant an Acceptance Letter, which will facilitate the issuance of non-immigrant Thai visa with a stay permit of 90 days. Applicants must produce the acceptance letter to the Royal Thai Consulate in their home country to obtain a student visa and comply with the expected date of arrival stipulated in the Acceptance Letter. 

Mail application: Applicants may mail their application (filled up application form and required documents) to: 

Office of the University Registrar
Assumption University
Ramkhamhaeng 24
Hua Mak, Bangkapi
Bangkok 10240, Thailand

Applicants are requested to enclose Mailing Address, Email address and other contact details with their applications. 
Remarks: On approval note of the application, please refer to item 2. (i), (ii), (iii)

Fax application: Applicants may fax the admission documents to 66-2-719-1509. 

Please provide Mailing Address, Email Address and other contact details with the admission documents.

Remarks: On approval of the application, please refer to item 2. (i), (ii), (iii) 

Note: Applicants applying via Email, Mail or Fax must present original admission documents, photographs, passport / Thai ID/ Residence Registration upon arrival at Assumption University.

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